Business conduct

The Board of Directors has approved a new Code of Ethics (PDF) to provide a framework within which all business practices must be conducted, managed and regulated. In addition, comprehensive systems have been introduced to ensure that in attaining the Company's objectives, employees behave legally, ethically and appropriately.

Every employee matters greatly – Lonmin is not shafts and machinery, it is people

We have a set of formal policies in this area and operate a combined assurance model involving internal and external audit, management interventions and internal controls, all intended to ensure that there is a climate of probity throughout the organisation.

An external independent whistle blowing hotline supports this (Whistleblowing Policy - PDF) and is available to all employees, contractors and suppliers, who can register breaches of our ethical code or corporate values, including allegations relating to bribery and corruption. Incidences are recorded and investigated accordingly.

The following documents form the backbone of the way in which we do business: