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Bursary & Experiential Schemes

Bursary & Experiential schemes


Lonmin offers comprehensive, industry renowned bursaries to students who wish to pursue a career in mining or mining related disciplines.

The bursary programme is part of Lonmin's quest to be an employer of choice and complements our commitment to the many educational programmes and initiatives that we run in our communities.

The following fields of study are covered by the Bursary Scheme: Mining / Electrical / Mechanical / Chemical / Industrial Engineering, Geology, Mine Survey, Instrumentation, Metallurgy, Analytical Chemistry.

Lonmin also offers an Experiential Learning Programme to assist students who need to complete practical training (P1 & P2) as part of their university requirements.

The following fields of study are covered by the Experiential Learning Programme: Mining / Electrical / Mechanical / Chemical Engineering and Analytical Chemistry.

Bursary Scheme
The Lonmin Bursary Scheme has been established to assist potential students to attain qualifications in mining-related disciplines, thereby contributing to the general upliftment of skills and qualification levels in the mining sector.
Our competitive Bursaries are offered to top performing students and exceptional young talent who wish to further their studies at accredited formal tertiary institutions.
The Lonmin Bursary Scheme offers bursaries on the basis of a service binding contract after graduation for a period equal to the number of years study.
Applicant should be a South African Resident.

Experiential Learning Programme
The Lonmin Experiential Learning Programme assist students who need to complete practical training before obtaining their qualification. The purpose of the programme is to contribute to skills development in the mining sector.
The Lonmin Experiential Learning Programme consists of a 12 month fixed-term contract with competitive remuneration rates and includes the payment of tuition fees during the formal experiential learning period. No work back commitment is applied.
Applicant should be a South African Resident

We regret that there no bursary or experiential learning opportunities available for 2016.

For Bursaries and Graduate enquiries, please contact:

Petronel de Jager
+27 (0)14 571 5700
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