The Group’s flagship operation is near Brits in South Africa's North West Province. Marikana accounts for 95% of Lonmin’s output.

Marikana is home to some of the safest, most efficient operations in the South African platinum space. Marikana’s mining and processing technology is well geared to dealing with the industry-wide shift to mining UG2 ore.

The large, newer shafts, viz K3, Rowland, 4B and Saffy – termed our Generation 2 shafts - are the most productive in the group and represent 78% of the Group’s production. Saffy is a new steady state producer – reaching production levels of 2.1 million tonnes in 2016.

Our Generation 1 shafts, viz Hossy, Newman, Pandora E3 Joint Venture and W1,East 1 and East 2 shafts, are reaching the end of lives and, as expected, production has declined.

K4 shaft remains on care and maintenance.