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2014 Sustainable Development Report

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Employee Relations
Success depends on the Company’s ability to engage with and develop employees. Employees have a significant impact on the sustainability of the Company. Without the support of its labour force, the Company cannot produce.
Employee Safety and Health
Lonmin’s core business is mining and refining PGMs, which is a labour intensive activity exposing employees to a range of potential safety and health hazards. Lonmin acknowledges the interconnectedness of safety and health and is constantly exploring ways to improve safety in the workplace to prevent incidents and occupational health risks.

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Social Licence to Operate
Maintaining the social licence to operate through securing the trust and acceptance of communities is important as, due to their location surrounding the Company’s operations, they have the capacity to affect Lonmin in the long term.
Lonmin mines, refines and markets platinum group metals, creating economic and shareholder value, but not without environmental impact. Therefore, it is important for the Company to prevent, mitigate or remediate these effects throughout the life cycle and value chain of its operations.

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Relations with Government
It is important for Lonmin to work with the three tiers of government to solve community challenges in partnership. The responsibility for change is shared between Lonmin and the government.
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